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69 Lancaster Middle Schoolers ‘graduate’

Lancaster Middle School principal Heather Evans recently released the names of 69 students who will be advancing to the ninth grade for the 2020-21 academic session. “Congratulations! Job well done, to our rising ninth graders. I wish you much success as you prepare to step into the next level of your education at Lancaster High School,” said Evans.

“Although our journey at the middle school ended abruptly, I want to challenge you to continue to be dedicated to your education. Learn all that you can learn wherever you are, with whatever resources you have,” she continued. “As you face new challenges and celebrate new victories, remember that every challenge you face is an opportunity to grow and be better. Therefore, never stop growing and striving to become the best you that you can be. I believe in you!”

Members of the eighth grade “graduating class” are Jada Ashburn-Frame, Isaiah Ball, Tre’von Ball, Isabelle Bean, Latine Bowman, Emily Carlson, Zahim Churchill, JaVahri Cockrell, Jenaya Cox, Faith Dameron, Collin Darrall, Jess Donovan, Todd Donovan, Ta’Leyia Elmore, Aniya Everett, Allison Foulkes, Kayanna Gaskins, Aiden George, Tiya Goodman and Darrius Gordan.

Also, Lawrence Harding, Jocelyn Hasson, Hunter Hayden, Jason Heming, Ethan Jackson, Traniell Kelley, Keegan Kellum, Christine Ketner, Hailey Lewis, Haley Lewis, Pierson Long, Lamar Mattocks, Sarah McGee, Tamia McLaughlin, Isaiah Minter, Jaquarrias Morris, Evan Muse, Deavion Newbill, Mikayla Noel, Tarik Noriis, Jasara Owens, David Parks, Anari Polk and Alexander Posey.

Also, Caleb Ramsey, Khalil Redmond, Reece Rhodes, Samariah Robinson, Kaylie Roshia, Creston Saunders, Darius Scott, Joseph Scott, Ronald Sheppard III, Daveon Smith, Jada Smith, Vijay Smith, Callum Stander, Daquin Stull, Trinity Sydnor, Lakeisha Thomas, Christian Thomas, Braylen Trahan, Seartis Turner, Connor Verlander, Trajan Waddy, Tylil Walter, Mykell Ward, Julia West and SaNye Wilson.

Class superlatives

Several of the rising ninth graders were recognized by their classmates for their outstanding characteristics, including:

• Most Comical, Taleyia Elmore and Pierson Long.

• Most Unpredictable, Aniya Everett and Isaiah Ball.

• Best All-Around, Tiya Goodman and Khalil Redmond.

• Most Dependable, Kayanna Gaskins and Jaquarrias Morris.

• Most Athletic, SaNye Wilson and Creston Saunders.

• Best Smile, Tamia McLauglin and Daveon Smith.

• Most Artistic, Sarah McGee and Trajan Waddy.

• Most Congenial, Jenaya Cox and Isaiah Minter.

• Most Spirited, Allison Foulkes and Ewan Scott.

• Most Musical, Julia West and Reece Rhodes.

Lancaster Middle School eighth grade class, 2019-20

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